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Translation of Documentation and Brochures

Documentation can be anything from a business letter or an email to complex user's manuals, facts sheets or company presentations or annual reports.

We translate and store your company information in a secure environment. Your business-critical information is in safe hands.

Working with OnLine TLT is easy. It only takes a few steps to get the job done.

Creating Glossaries

Preparing the glossary is key to any localization project and should be at the top of your list.

A well-prepared glossary will secure consistency across the product. The glossary is prepared and translated in close cooperation with the customer.

Choosing a terminology standard is important, too.

At OnLine TLT we recommend the use of the Microsoft standard. Microsoft's style guides and glossaries have become the standard for most localization agencies and in many software houses.

Recycle Your Texts!

Did you know that texts can be recycled in a variety of ways?

It only takes a few adjustments to turn your user guide into a fully functional help system.

A user guide can easily be turned into a complete set of course materials.

It's easy to place a user guide on your website as an online help system.

Product descriptions can be used in brochures, fact sheets and on your website.

We use many different programs to make the necessary adaptations.

Contact us today, and let's start recycling your text now!