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Technical Writing

OnLine TLT offers technical writing of software and hardware documentation: Help systems, manuals, home pages, fact sheets, product catalogues – the sky’s the limit!

It is often assumed that this discipline is simply a matter of describing how a program or a machine works. This, however, is quite mistaken. You must know your target group and adjust your documentation accordingly.

OnLine TLT writers have a broad theoretical and practical background that enables them to quickly learn your product, define the target groups and adjust the language accordingly.

We target our services primarily at Danish software houses with no in-house technical writing resources. By outsourcing technical writing, companies may plan and control the budget in this area. For many companies, hiring a consultant to do the job professionally in a month or two is more cost-effective than having a technical writer on staff.

OnLine TLT has been very successful in offering seminars targeted at Windows software developers. Not all developers are aware that when programming in a Windows environment they need to observe the MS linguistic standard. At OnLine TLT, we know the MS standard in and out and we can help software developers optimize performance in this area.

Outsource your Documentation

Outsourcing your documentation saves you time and gives you the flexibility you need. OnLine TLT will help you find the right person(s) for your particular jobs.

We have established a long-term partnership with some of the best technical writers in Denmark and can help you find the resources in the other Scandinavian countries.

We only use and recommend local people that will be able to work on-site in close connection with your development team.

Please contact us if you need to find a qualified technical writer located in some of the other Scandinavian countries.