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Hardware and Electronic Equipment

We live in a world controlled by electronics. Nearly all domestic or professional appliances and devices contain electronic components, and this means users must be able to find information on the features, operation and maintenance of a device. OnLine TLT communicates this information in a correct and user-friendly language.

We have translated manuals, brochures and other texts for many different devices, including:

  • Hard drives and computer components
  • Monitors and peripherals
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Loudspeakers, microphones, headphones and other audio equipment
  • Cameras, lenses and camcorders
  • Printers, plotters and faxes
  • TV and radio sets
  • CD players and HDD players
  • Phones, cell phones and other communications equipment
  • Alarm devices
  • Washing machines, dishwashers and other electronic appliances


When describing your products, you use a certain style and terminology. We have many years of experience with translating hardware products and enjoy a profound knowledge of what the various product parts are called.

We also have access to TRES, Microsoft’s terminology database, so we can advise you in case you are unsure of what to call each component. The most important thing is that you can launch your product in new markets, resting assured that your product descriptions and documentation adheres to the standards of each country. We make certain they do.