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Marketing Materials

It is obvious that translating marketing material is not merely a matter of translating the meaning of words. Your marketing content need to be adapted before concepts, ideas and targeted messages can be exposed to a new culture.

Sales brochures, campaign texts, banners and launching materials all require special attention in the translation process.

Only a well-planned translation process using nothing but experienced, native translators with solid idiomatic skills and a strong in-sight into the targeted culture will be able to safely deliver your marketing message to the foreign culture.


OnLine TLT supply high-quality translations of marketing text to some of the world’s leading software and hardware companies, and over the years we have attained a deep understanding of the processes and resources that need to be in place to adjust marketing content to a new language market – including experienced translators and proofreaders as well as intelligent translation and QA processes that allow us to deliver high volumes of quality translations within tight deadlines.

Don’t let your company’s investments in high-quality marketing content go to waste in literal translations that will simply not have the intended effect on the new target language audience. Let our language experts help you deliver the appropriate marketing messages to our local markets.