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Software Localization

A typical application includes many types of localizable elements that come in many different file formats. Using one or more translation tools for the whole process ensures that all text will be stored in a central translation memory for future use.

Before and during the translation process we can help you define and locate terms that are unique for your application and insert the terms in a glossary. The glossary is a great asset and help for anyone who will be working on or using your application: Developers, translators, sales reps and end users. You also might want to create your own Style Guide – or we can help you create one.

Our translators know and use industry standard terminology along with client-specific glossaries to achieve a high level of acceptance within the target market.

Most applications include the following localizable elements: Strings and error messages, menus, dialogs, bitmaps and icons, installers and online text files. We will be happy to help you identify the localizable elements in your application.

Once the texts of the dialogs have been translated, one of our localization engineers can resize the dialog boxes and verify that all elements of the new user interface are displayed correctly.

Help Systems

At OnLine TLT we use a number of different tools to create, maintain and build the Help systems for software applications.

We will not only translate the text in the Help systems but also offer to compile the translated Help files into a new, ready-to-go Help system.

We also offer testing of all internal links in the software and functionally testing of the mappings to the application.

Help systems can be created and formatted in many different file formats: HTML, XML, Word, RTF, FrameMaker or plain text.

Compile Help systems