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Translating Web Sites

On the Internet your messages can potentially reach any computer on the planet! Do you want to reach as many computers as possible?

Through the Internet, your market has expanded to proportions which no one could have predicted just a couple of years ago. And it is expanding day by day.

OnLine TLT has the expertise to plan, localize, translate, and maintain clear, goal-oriented texts in the electronic format required by the Internet.

At OnLine TLT, we employ semi-automated, state-of-the-art HTML/XML translation tools, which means that we are able to provide faster and more cost-effective translations than ordinary translation agencies.

If you're targeting your products at customers abroad, there is little point in only having a version of your homepage in your own language. When was the last time an English customer bought something from a homepage purely in e.g. Italian?

The easiest way to communicate with a customer is in his or her own language. Even companies that primarily target the national market have realized the benefits of implementing international versions of their homepage – simply because they are visible from computers all over the planet. It's positive PR.

Translation Tool Myths

Some people mistakenly think the translation tools we use at OnLine TLT are the same as the fully automatic translation engines found all over the Internet. Often promising to be able to deliver a high-quality automatic translation of your texts from one language into another, they can translate entire web pages at the click of a button.

All you have to do is enter your text in the source field and click Translate!

But no. Although the technology has improved over time, it is far from being sufficiently advanced to automatically provide a usable result. At best, you still have to edit all the text to get an acceptable result. It is impossible for machine translations to catch all of the nuances of the source language and convey them in the target languages.

So, even though a language may be seen as consisting of a number of rules, including grammatical ones, it is not immediately possible to translate these rules into a new language – at least not so far. Keep in mind that for every linguistic rule of a language, there are often just as many exceptions to these.